Ancient Art

Some Pictures of ancient art that are going to extinct soon if we don't preserve them in time.

History of Paintings

Kalprachna offer's the painting kit, for the flexibility of painters in reasonable price.

Asthamangala Paintings

In Buddhism, there are eight auspicious symbols which are known as ashtamangala. These eight symbols were the offerings made by the Gods to Lord Buddha, after he attained enlightenment. .

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Mithila Art

Mithila Art, Mithila art is a form of folk art traditionally practised by women in the Mithila region on mud walls. It was only after 1990, when the Panchayat regime ended, then this art form was appreciated, attracted attention and was accepted as one of the Nepali folk arts. Mithila paintings is a renowned art style practiced by women of Nepal and some parts of India.

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Mandala Art

Mandala in Sanskrit means "a circle". A mandala is the representation of the universe and the circle of life which is limitless. The symmetry in the mandala portrays that we stand in the center and what we see, hear etc forms the circle of life. Some use mandalas for meditation while some use it to create spiritual spaces.

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About Kalprachna

Kalprachna is an online based company, which deals with small scale business. It is started by a 16 year old girl, Lavanya Sarda who is studying in Hopetown,Dehradun . The company's name means being creative and creating the art.The aim is preserving and promoting the dying art of Nepal. The coming generation are inclining more towards technology and change. While forgetting about their culture and roots. Kalparachna is trying to spark an interest in these subjects in the younger generation by producing art kits. These art kits do not need any professional skills but rather just the desire to paint and learn. We, at Kalparachna motivate the budding young artists by providing materials at a flexible rate.